back to article Hybrid storage newbie: It's storage Jim, but not as you know it

Reduxio, the startup that stories data in unique indexed, tagged and timestamped chunks, has introduced v3.0 software with unified primary and secondary storage. It has built-in replication for disaster recovery, copy data management, restores data with near-zero Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO/RTO) and …

  1. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge


    "Data protection is, Reduxio says, built directly into the storage. There is no need for a separate purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA.)"

    Aaaaaand if the array shits itself? Snapshots are not backups. I know that Reduxio will explain that their storage is amazingly bulletproof and never fails, but it's strange how true that never is. Otherwise, the technology seems cool.

    1. TimeMachine


      Reduxio guy here- first correction, there is no snapshotting with Reduxio, entirely different technology called backdating, but whatever, you're right, that's on the primary array. As for the event scenario where you lose that primary site, what the Reduxio Time OS is doing is natively controlling and managing and off-site tier or backup in this case from which it, or another Reduxio can restore from- instantly. That's, called NoRestore because it can substantiate that remote data, literally instantly without prior seeding. All part of the magic.

      1. TimeMachine


        ...and that off-site device does not have to be a Purpose Built Back-up Device, or even a Reduxio- can be any iSCSI device, object store, or S3!

  2. AndyinSwindon


    I watched the architecture overview video on their site and, although the devil is always in the detail, this looks like a very interesting approach. Its almost like the next evolution of what Compellent was trying to do back in the day and looks like it might overcome some of the problems with their approach.

    My one question though is whether this is still a problem that needs fixing. Dell are now just recommending customers buy flash only for many workloads on their SC series (Compellent as was) and are pricing them accordingly. Consequently the allure of auto-tiering is starting to fade. We found that we never had enough static data to reap the promised rewards of cheap slow disks and had to keep bumping up the 15k pool. No we are moving to SSD and dedup which seems to work very well.

    I like the time based metadata idea though and will be keeping an eye on developments.

    Hilarious attendees at the seminar on the vbideo btw.

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