back to article Another FalconStor CEO out as storage software firm hunts for growth

FalconStor CEO Gary Quinn has resigned with Todd Oseth coming in to run this somewhat sickly storage software firm. Quinn became CEO in July 2013, and stabilised a company nearing collapse. The saga started when founding CEO ReiJane Huai was accused of fraud and committed suicide. Jim McNiel became the new CEO and president …

  1. CheesyTheClown

    Info on FaclconStor?

    I've just scrubbed their website and there is no meaningful technical documentation that can be easily found. I found a half-ass feature list and almost no user guides or configuration guides. All I found was endless junk for investors. I almost can't tell if they actually have a product to sell.

    From what little I could find, it looked almost like a web front end to Linux LVM2, ZFS and LIO. Now, front ends are great, but there is no information regarding whether their product offers anything special besides a web page on Linux. Heck, it could just as easily be a front end on ZFS and COMSTAR.

    How does a company that doesn't even provide a feature list like whether it supports VAAI-NAS or not sell anything? They brag about having presence in 20% of the Fortune 500. Does that mean that 20% are paying customers or do they have a VM running the demo version?

    I have tried solutions from dozens of vendors but never FalconStor because I could never figure out why I should. But I guess FalconStor prefers to skip the tech guys

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