Grenfell Tower -- IT angle

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  1. david 12

    Grenfell Tower -- IT angle

    Not meaning to offend, but I was driving and thinking about this, and my IT experience broke through, as I drearily thought to my self, "Well, if they were serious about fire safety, they would have done a run-through where they actually /burned out/ a flat to test their system/"

    'cause that's what you do.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Grenfell Tower -- IT angle

      Did BA check their failover?

      Well, there you go.

    2. Phil W

      Re: Grenfell Tower -- IT angle

      Yes but it's a publicly run thing, so much like public sector IT even if the technical people suggest such a thing is absolutely essential those holding the purse strings will decide saving money is more important.

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