back to article Software 'submarine' surfaces data protection for the Nutanix hypervisor crowd

Comtrade Software’s HYCU is an app-aware data protection product tailored for Nutanix’s Acropolis hypervisor (AHV) with fast deployment, backup and recovery. HYCU (Hyper-Converged Uptime) is purpose-built for Nutanix systems and auto-detects applications running in virtual machines. But who or what is Comtrade Software? …

  1. thondwe


    Is it just me reading Comtrade as Comrade???

  2. Alistair


    I'd be careful, very easy to misread as CONtrade.

    and at $1K/socket, I'm going to have to ask what the maintenance on that would be - HCI doesn't tend to run on small numbers of sockets.

    1. unredeemed

      Re: Comtrade

      You've never bought socket licensed software have you? That's super cheap compared to Veeam or DellEMC backup sw based on sockets by around half.

  3. John 104

    Silly me, I thought it was an article. Turns out, it was a marketing advert.

  4. Florida1920

    We all live in a software submarine

    Never gonna make it to Top of the Charts.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting observation.

    Comtrade was founded in the Soviet Union in 1990, and still has ties to Russia...

    Nutanix depends on the U.S. Federal government for approximately 1/3rd of their annual revenue...


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