back to article Venture capital biz hires former EMC CEO

Former EMC grand fromage Joe Tucci has walked into a special advisor role at venture cap outfit 83North. Tucci left his old employer once Michael Dell had taken EMC private in a $60bn plus deal in September, and is co-CEO at special purpose acquisition firm GTY Technology Holdings and chairman of private equity house Bridge …

  1. D P Duck

    Scaling companies is a very tough task, but not one Mr Tucci did well in.

    Mr Tucci did pull off an incredible set of escape tricks during his time at EMC and may well have saved it from ceasing to exist after the Internet bubble burst. However, he did not scale the company from what it was into a bigger, better EMC. He bloated it up into a giant patch-work of semi-integrated companies that eventually became too big to move forward. Scaling is very, very hard to do.

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