back to article DDN burst buffer to bimble along more briskly after boost

HPC storage system supplier DDN has enhanced the performance and protection on four of its products – storage array software SFAOS, flash cache burst buffer IME, EXAScaler Lustre and the WOS object storage system. The IME, using NVMe technology, now burst buffers faster and better with: Protection against compute node …

  1. Candy

    Not quite blurry enough...

    Someone's not got the hang of this, have they.

    I can confirm that the vehicle shown in the picture is properly taxed and was most likely MOT'd in the last two weeks. What a good citizen.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: Not quite blurry enough...

      With 404 in the number I'm surprised it didn't come up at "Not found"

    2. Blotto Silver badge

      Re: Not quite blurry enough...

      admit it, who else has checked the dvla for that reg too?

    3. Ogi

      Re: Not quite blurry enough...

      I was going to say. They made it blurry enough for me to notice the number plate, but not blurry enough to be unable to read it.

      Quite frankly had they left it alone I probably would have subconsciously filtered it out as I normally would.

      Almost as if they wanted to let it be known :-P

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