back to article WDC fires another shot at Toshiba in flash foundry spat, whispers: Pick me, Tosh!

Western Digital Corporation continues its strange make love and war approach to getting a slice of Toshiba's Memory Business action by opening a new legal attack on its joint venture partner. WDC announced today several of its SanDisk subsidiaries had filed an injunctive relief motion in the Superior Court of California for …

  1. Grunchy

    Finally fixed my WD20EARS

    Meanwhile I finally got around to fixing my old WD20EARS which was factory programmed to park the heads after 8 seconds. I had to figure out how to disable AHCI to boot into FreeDOS and set the idle to 300 seconds. The poor drive had been parking once a minute for 14,000 hrs! Its a wonder it didn't park itself to death.

    WDC is the devil.

    1. Down not across Silver badge

      Re: Finally fixed my WD20EARS

      Intellipark (yeah I know... intelli-something is bit like smart-something, ie anything but) on the Green drives.

      Whilst their reasoning is not entirely baseless, the 8 second delay for hear park is rather excessive. Especially as the landing zone is not traditional, but bit of a special and only rated for 250k to 350k cycles. You could hit that well before the drive is out of warranty, and I suspect WD will look at LCC and deny warranty replacement if count is higher than rated.

      Worst is that they had some Reds with same aggressive 8 second park delay. Luckily the delay is easily changed (or even disabled if that is what you want).

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