back to article Yahoo! shareholders! sign! off! sale! to! Verizon!, which! sharpens! axe!

Yahoo!'s shareholders have formally approved the sale of the company's operating businesses to Verizon. The company says it “anticipates that the Sale Transaction will close on June 13, 2017.” Once that happens, Yahoo! will change its name to Altaba and re-structure itself as an investment company. Altaba's portfolio will …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Yahoo has acquired and destroyed so many services, it's only right that it should meet the same fate.

  2. Florida1920


    Yahoo! deserves to disappear, but the 2,000 employees about to be sacked are getting screwed. As usual in business nowadays. And execs will get bonuses for "cutting costs." The puter leat are wise to be making plans for what may come.

  3. Hollerithevo

    We see them come...

    I remember when Yahoo! was the new cool kid in town. Then Google came along and 'human curated' was no longer cool. And then it threw itself into the fan and the usual spray resulted.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: We see them come...

      Then Google came along and 'human curated' was no longer cool

      It will be interesting to see how Google fade away. What will do away with their relevance?

      Users deciding that their data and their privacy is worth more than they get back from Google services? Governments deciding that Google are too powerful? New phone OS and or search engines that simply supplant Google's offer? A vast data breach that sees users the world over revolt against the company? Advertisers finding an alternative to the FB/Google duopoly?

      I don't know, but I'm guessing that Google (as we know it) won't be around in fifty years.

  4. I Like Heckling Silver badge


    C'mon! El! Reg!

    Enough! with! the! stupid! Yahoo! headlines! that! only! serve! to! annoy! readers! It! stopped! being! funny! years! ago! but! you! still! keep! on! flogging! a! dead! horse!

    1. Joe Gurman

      Re: PLEASE! STOP!

      I suspect that once the sale goes through, El Reg won't have much Yahoo!-ish to kick around any more. So one last time for the memories: all the spilled PII, all the undependable e-mail service, all the non-performing brogrammers, and one very self-centered CEO. The gift that kept on giving comes to an end.

      1. wayward4now

        Re: PLEASE! STOP!

        "The gift that kept on giving comes to an end."

        I wish. I bet that Verizon was too f'ing dumb to notice all the user accounts that were dummies held by a few people with multiple usernames. The ONLY reason Yahoo! did nothing to stop the practice was that a REAL user accounting would have been a diaster for their press releases. Verizon bought air. They are stupid. And yet, by breeding among themselves, it spells doom for the human race.

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