back to article Witcher dev CD Projekt Red says hackers stole game concepts and asked for ransom

CD Projekt Red, the Polish developer behind the critically acclaimed Witcher games, yesterday admitted that some of its internal files and concepts for upcoming title Cyberpunk 2077 have been snaffled by hackers and held for ransom. The dev downplayed concerns by telling gamers that the files involved are "old and largely …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They go after the one studio that seems to treat its customers as customers instead of whales or scum. This is why we cant have nice things.

  2. Banksy


    Maybe the hackers are as desperate for info about the game as me. (I didn't steal the info BTW.)

    1. Colabroad

      Re: Desperate

      Apparently Mike Pondsmith himself is advising and they're doing a relaunch of the tabletop RPG as well, hopefully closer to CP2020 than the bizarre 3rd edition and it's dolls...

  3. Sgt_Oddball

    Not the first time...

    I seem to recall similar things happening to valve over Half-Life 2 (Portsmouth 1).

    Didn't seem to hurt that game too much.

    (That said valve seem to a pathological fear of the number 3 but I doubt it's related)

  4. DNTP

    Starcraft was stolen

    Operation CWAL was literally a global conspiracy with thousands of members dedicated to infiltrating Blizzard HQ and stealing The Starcraft Master CD before release and they did it and became part of Starcraft lore forever.

    So basically if a game is good enough etc.

  5. stucs201

    Although they say the stolen stuff was changed and concepts have changed I'm hoping that at least the visual look hasn't changed much from the trailer. That was really rather nice looking, though I don't quite understand what Alt Cunningham was doing on a poster.

    1. Vince Lewis 1

      Its a nod to those that played the PnP game.

      El Reg. When mentioning Witcher it is traditional to use the Bath Tub photo.

  6. Blank-Reg

    Some netrunnner jacked in looking for dirt on Dynalar activities. Sold it to his fixer bud for some easy eurodollars...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Upvote if you...

    ... also tried to romance Triss and Yennifer at the same time...

  8. DropBear

    ...meanwhile game after game after game gets developed basically out in the open (usually following a crowd-funding campaign) from concept sketches all the way to playable alphas and betas and a string of "in-dev" (GOG) or "early access" (Steam) releases - some ending up more successful and famous than others, but apparently none of them experiencing any horrible consequences. Frankly, this whole "supa-sekrit high-pressure hype boiler" approach stinks.

    1. Helldesk Dogsbody

      TBH it's CD Projekt Red - they play their cards close to their chests and I've yet to be disappointed at launch by anything they've done so far. That's how they operate, they don't need 0 day patches and release completed games rather than "Early Access" versions.

      Also as far as no horrible consequences are concerned I don't think that counts for many, plenty have been sued for so called open development as they failed to meet expectations of the finished product despite being "open". I'll take a known good but secretive studio over vast amounts of fluff on the web, art galore but no playable game (Star Citizen anyone? And yes, before anyone asks, I backed it purely for Squadron 42. Which I'm waiting for. Still.)

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