back to article Avanade getting into hardware to deliver an Azure Stack

Services company Avanade is going to sell Microsoft Azure Stack hardware. Azure Stack is Microsoft's on-premises cut of its Azure cloud and promises to offer a seamless Azure experience – complete with the services in Redmond's cloud – rather than a “hybrid virtualization” approach that offers the same abstraction on-premises …

  1. MyffyW Silver badge

    I have never worked with a bigger bunch of arrogant tosspots than those at Avanade. After giving their proposal a polite but reasoned no they started bad mouthing us to our CIO. The CIO, to his credit, gave them short shrift.


    1. Alistair

      @ MyffyW

      Soo..... Avenade is true to its roots then?

      1. ecofeco Silver badge

        Re: @ MyffyW

        I can also confirm.

        I wouldn't ask them for the time of day.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    True Dat

    Avanade are a bunch of duchebags

  3. Tyson Key

    When life gives you Avans, make Avanade?

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