back to article Want to know more about HPC apps? This explicit vid has some answers

The HPC Advisory Council exists to spread the word about high-performance computing tech, provide a network of expertise, equipment for members, and generally educate all-comers about the wonders of HPC. Thrillingly, it also has a bunch of equipment to play with in-house, including clusters ranging from four to 38 nodes, and a …

  1. hattivat

    Dear El Reg,

    Could you please stop this "El Reg videos" silliness, or at least make it a bit more usable? I have manually disabled the very possibility of autoplay in my Firefox about:config to be 100% sure that no infuriating auto-play ad can ever get through. With this setting I can still watch videos on youtube, twitter, vimeo, reuters, even BBC. Some of them require a double-click or some other quirky way to properly start, but they are in any case still usable. I've been told that even porn websites still work with autoplay disabled.

    It is therefore with terrible sadness that I have to report that your blasted "player" doesn't work at all with autoplay disabled (seems to get stuck in an infinite "loading circle" loop), forcing me to hunt for a youtube link in your page source. Could you please do us autoplay haters a solid and fix that?

    Sincerely yours,


  2. returnofthemus

    The HPC Advisory Council exists to spread the word about high-performance computing

    Actually HPC is more mainstream than people typically think, suffice to say the HPC Advisory council is not the only place you get to play with those systems.

    Welcome to the Cognitive Era ;-)

  3. handleoclast

    You have to wonder...

    What person thought HPCAC, inevitably pronounced "HP Cack" was a good idea? It seems rather a cack idea to me. Or perhaps whoever thought of it hates Hewlett Packard.

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