back to article July web protest plan: What do we want? Net neutrality! Um, that's as far as we've got for now

A slew of internet companies, including Amazon, Kickstarter, Reddit and Mozilla, have signed up for a "day of action" on July 12 in an effort to retain net neutrality rules. The campaign hasn't decided yet what form the protest will take, but campaign director Evan Greer told The Register it will be designed to "display a …

  1. User McUser

    Just Call Them

    Seriously, no need to get cute or clever - just call your actual[1] members of Congress and tell the intern who answers the phone that you support net-neutrality and give them your name, address, and phone number so they know you are actually in their district. Be polite and brief. Do not call anyone outside your district or State, only your actual representatives (and make sure you are registered to vote in their district!)

    If just 500,000 people across the nation all did this on the same day, it would be far more effective than whatever online nonsense is decided upon. If you can't or won't call, send a snail-mail letter.

    Remember, your members of Congress are almost certainly OLD - email is generally meaningless to them (doubly-so for form-letter email) so only phone calls and snail-mail will matter to them.

    [1]Find your Representative here ->

    Find your Senator here ->

    1. a_yank_lurker

      Re: Just Call Them

      Actually a snail mail letter is often taken more seriously and might actually get read.

  2. DagD

    shut down for the day. That'll teach big Government. Hit'em where it hurts. The GDP.

  3. mediabeing

    Pointy sticks! History reminds us that it works.

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