back to article Foxconn, Amazon, Apple join Toshiba chip plant feeding frenzy

Apple, Amazon and Foxconn are preparing to "chip in" for ailing Toshiba's NAND flash memory chip-making division, according to reports. Foxconn chairman Terry Gou told Japan's Nikkei Business Daily newspaper that the two American firms would be lending "financial support" to the Chinese manufacturer's bid for the foundry – but …

  1. Duffaboy


    Nuff said

  2. Stuart Halliday

    Why is it ailing?

    1. Tannin

      Why is it ailing? Because Toshiba blew all the billions it had and as many other billions as it could borrow on expanding its loss-making nuclear powerplant construction business at a time when the industry prospects were lousy and getting worse.

      Now they are auctioning off the furniture.

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