back to article CoreOS chief decries cloud lock-in

CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi spent his morning on Wednesday biting the hands that fed attendees at his company's conference, CoreOS Fest 2017. "Every shift in infrastructure that we've seen ... has promised more efficiency, reliability and agility," said Polvi. "But every single one has resulted in a massive proprietary software …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cloud lock-in is a thing

    I like what I'm reading, but I don't think this goes far enough for me as a hobbyist trying to build home compute environments similar to the enterprise ones where I work, but without using cloud services, licensed products, or being locked-in to a vendor. Specifically, I was just looking at rolling out some traffic monitoring services inside Docker containers, but that requires me to use their cloud service to "host my deployables" or get my own Git server, which requires a license (or so it seems) to do the Enterprise Github server, otherwise I have to... wait for it... use their cloud services, or a similar provider. This has led me back to doing all my own code and tool hosting internally on an svn repo. Which seems to be the best alternative to Github, when you don't want to do your version control in a cloud. I guess I need to keep looking, but you'd think you can build out some cool enterprisey stuff at home, and then you find out your OS repo does not support the latest Python, or they have an old version of salt-stack, and what about Puppet non-enterprise? Oh, the mind boggles at what could be an easy build at home, into a work-like trek through the wilds of open source, but with that cloud catch 22.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cloud lock-in is a thing

      "git server requires a license?"

      What? I host my own git repos without any licensing...what are you on about?

    2. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

      Re: Cloud lock-in is a thing

      Assuming you were looking for git web front-end (since git itself is GPL free), check out gitlab.

      As for being able to pick and choose version of any package yourself, try Arch Linux and learn about building your own packages with clean-chroot-manager.

  2. Milton Silver badge

    Greeeed is goood

    And corporates will do, and say, absolutely *anything* to try to trap customers. Every single one of them has some form of the monkey's fist arrangement, whereby once you have reached in to fondle the goodies, you can't get your hand out while keeping it.

    Whether it's Google lying about "confusing customers" when it removes the uSD slot from its phones or Apple gluing batteries in irremovably or MS turning out unnecessary "improvements" to Windows which just happen to require you to be spied on ... readers here could produce endless examples.

    Just remember, corporates are not doing any of these things for your benefit any more than Facebook is run for your good: it's all about finding ways to trap you, hold your data hostage and then wring you dry.

    If it weren't bad enough that 85% of everything done in "cloud" doesn't need to be there in the first place, worse still are the wiles and deceits and soft persuasions of the providers, always looking for a way to make you dependent. If you're looking for a comparable business model, drug pushing is a fair example.

    1. Nick Sticks

      Re: Greeeed is goood

      "If you're looking for a comparable business model, drug pushing is a fair example."

      I wish I could up vote twice for that.

  3. kmac499

    Well said Alex.

    There is nothing wrong with using a proprietary system to execute your idea. There is everything wrong with being so locked in that you cannot migrate to another platform.

    A simple one I've got at the moment, an MSSQL database that uses the really cool CTE query function to simplify heirarchies and bills of materials. We can't easily web-ify it cos the current mySQl doesn't do CTE (easily).

    Moral beware the shiny shiny stuff.

    1. Warm Braw Silver badge

      AFAIK, PostgreSQL supports CTE so there is an open source option.

      However, tbere's always going to be "shiny stuff" - cloud vendors are always going to be trying hard to "differentiate" their offering (i.e.find a means of actually making a reasonable margin) and unless sufficient people pay the premium the eventual number of cloud vendors will be one or zero.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One Cloud Vendor who is failing to lock anyone in, is IBM. And if you fall for there Automation Tool "Watson" that is advertised as AI, which it most certainly is not, you won't be getting any "shiny" to lock you into anything functional. You will end up with the need to search for another Cloud Vendor who isn't bleeding cash, tossing staff and contractors, and leaving customers short of technical staff to provide the services they paid for....

  5. johnnyblaze

    He's right. At the bottom line, Cloud is about getting customer's locked-in to ensure a consistent revenue stream via subscription services. It's not about freedom, ease of use and flexibility - it's just a way of monetizing the end user or company on a continual basis. Nobody want's to sell you a one off product costing £100 now - they want to sell you the same product for £10pm FOREVER.

    Vendors will make it look like you can't afford *not* to be in the Cloud, but once you move your infrastructure/services/data to them, they've got you, and it's very difficult to get out.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm not sure why i should care if companies make business decisions to opt for a cloud provider and spend money migrating to the cloud (that part wasn't free either, migration, took a lot of work) and then claim they didn't know they were being locked in? They make conscious decisions. No different to buying a BMW then complaining you can't replace all the parts of your car with Proton parts.

    Tired of all this political ideology pervading the IT space. Can't everyone just be responsible for their own decisions without being lectured to?

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