back to article DXC Technology warns staff of multiple office closures

DXC Technology is planning to shutter a bunch of sites as part of its mega savings plan, multiple company insiders have told El Reg. The business, which emerged from the spin-merge of HPE’s Enterprise Services arm and CSC, has forecast a reduction in overheads of $1.6bn in three years and will consolidate office space to help …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There will be more in September. Common knowledge what they will be internally but no-one has the balls to leak the list properly.

  2. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    Morning El Reg...

    Morning all. Just pointing out what I assume to be a typo? Should the below be "walk to work"?

    “live nearby so they can talk to work”.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They are hiring foreign workers.

    And sponsoring them to work in the UK. How can a company lay off people, yet import cheaper workers and sponsor them, surely not legal?

    1. Gareth Douglas

      Re: They are hiring foreign workers.

      It is legal to replace a worker who takes VOLUNTARY redundancy, as their role is not being made redundant in this case. It certainly is not legal or ethical to enforce COMPULSORY redundancy on people and then replace them with cheaper imports.. When UK MPs are calling out greedy excesses of capitalism in the house of commons and the leadership of the company or its philosophy has not changed, you would not be in the least surprised to hear of such developments.

  4. whileI'mhere

    That memo you quoted from must be a fraud. Because it said "Royal Pavillion" which as any fule kno is in fact "Royal Pavilion" and I can't believe anyone inside DXC wouldn't kn... (oh, wait, as you were, par for the course)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Was always going to happen

    Everyone knew that was going to happen. When two companies merge there is always downsizing. Why have 2 offices 50% full when you can have 1 office 100% full, saves loads on rates and other major running costs.

    Hopefully those at Bracknell will be moved to Aldershot (only 30 mins of a travel difference by car, for some maybe closer to home). Have a feeling though not everyone will be be re-deployed.

    1. Miss Lincolnshire

      Re: Was always going to happen

      ................................only the DXC plan is to have one office 5% full

  6. XCH_CSC_DXC_WhatNext

    The biggest problem for me is the lack of honesty from senior leadership. Nick Wilson promised communication would be better when he took over, but it seems to be getting worse. It is fairly common knowledge that there are plans to close outlying offices like Folkestone and Basildon and offshore the work resulting in redundancies. I am sure that DXC leadership would say that the plans are not confirmed and therefore they can't communicate it, but if you don't keep people updated they will make it up themselves and that's part of the reason people are so dejected and leaving. Who wants to work for a company where you feel the axe is constantly hanging over you and no one will tell you what is going on!

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