back to article ARM talks up fresh CPUs and a GPU, all tuned for AI

Chip designer ARM on Monday plans to announce its first set of processors based on its DynamIQ microprocessor architecture, in conjunction with a revised GPU chip. DynamIQ, explained ARM product marketing head John Ronco in a phone interview with The Register, represents "a new way of combining CPUs together and giving more …

  1. Brian Miller

    AI on Raspberry/Banana/ODroid

    So will this be a Terminator Pi?

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    My dad said "Ronco" used to supply dodgy products through late nigth infomercials

    Something about "buttoneer"?

    Possibly the worst name for a marketing man ever.

    Hopefully the actual products will be rather better.

    But announcing on a Bank Holiday in the UK?

    1. analyzer

      Re: My dad said "Ronco" used to supply dodgy products through late nigth infomercials

      This Monday is a holiday in the USofA, China and Taiwan as well, it gives a chance for the financial markets people to masturbate before returning to 'work' tomorrow.

    2. Brian Miller

      Re: My dad said "Ronco" used to supply dodgy products through late nigth infomercials

      Rob Popeil founded Ronco, and both are still bringing you "amazing" kitchen appliances!

      (I've never bought anything from either of them, so I have no idea what the actual quality is like. But I'd be worried if Mr. Popeil decided to start manufacturing tiny computer systems.)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great, but there currently is no real "AI". There is however, Computer Automation, and VM's running on VMware (or ESXi), but none of that "thinks" for itself. Just automated tasks. These clowns can't even get computer automation right, so AI will take them a while to develop. And for the record, "Self Driving Cars" is "Automation" just like "Autonomous Braking". Cars can't think for themselves. If they could, they might have a "permanent" solution for women who do their makeup while driving, or blokes who like to text and drive. That would solve a ton of problems....

  4. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    Another non-GPL GPU

    It 's wonderful that they have a new GPU. How about some f*** drivers for it.

    The Xorg support for Mali is so moribund it is not even funny.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Another non-GPL GPU

      Yup, I'd really like to use ARM instead of Intel but they make it so damn difficult. Now that ARM is in Japanese (notoriously open-source unfriendly and DRM obsessed) hands I don't expect the situation to get any better.

    2. anoncow

      Re: Another non-GPL GPU

      Is this a "FSCK YOU ARM!" moment?

  5. Alan Brown Silver badge

    still only octocore

    Why this fixation with the number that shall not be mentioned?

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