back to article Comcast accused of siccing lawyers on net neutrality foe

An activist group says it was threatened by Comcast lawyers after it pointed out the cable giant's efforts to astroturf the FCC with fake comments on net neutrality. Fight for the Future, a self-described digital rights group opposed to the FCC's planned net neutrality overhaul, says the US cable giant's lawyers have been …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To elaborate

    "Comcast protects our company and brand names from being used improperly on the Internet by third parties" when we can very well tarnish our brand through our own lackluster services; overcharging, low bandwidth charged as high-speed, crap customer service, crap devices, crap channels bundled into bundles of bundles, known pedos in all C-level positions. Wasting profits on lobbying gifts rather than improving their services, or lowering prices, should speak volumes to their idiot, muggle customers. But they seem to love being abused. Idiots paying idiots for crap. Brilliant.

    Glad they are not the only game in my town. Glad I dropped them a month after they spent many dollars running new cable into my demarcation point. Scumbags.

    1. Shadow Systems Silver badge

      Re: To elaborate

      Not all of Comcast customers are idiots, some of us don't have any options for internet at all & "high speed" is a pipe dream so full of holes it makes Swiss cheese look like battle armor.

      I'm glad you have competition, not everyone is so fortunate.

      1. fishman

        Re: To elaborate

        Roughly 3/4 of Americans have only one broadband provider available. And only about 1/4 of Americans have only two.

  2. Shadow Systems Silver badge

    Hit Comcast with an Anti-SLAPP suit.

    Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. If your site is merely posting facts & Comcast is trying to stop you from doing so, get a lawyer to draw up Anti-SLAPP paperwork. The moment those papers land on the judge's desk Comcast will be in a ton of deep shit. Judges tend to bitch slap (pun not intended) the overly-aggressive party for trying to violate your First Amendment Rights to Free Speech.

  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    How generous of Comcast to call the public's attention to this criticism of themselves.

    1. vir

      Comcast + Streisand Effect = Comcasand Effect?

  4. b0llchit Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    A misunderstanding, please

    You are all victims of a simple misunderstanding about the internet and its true intent and function. The internet is primarily a medium for distraction and corporate profit. There is, under no circumstance, any place for a free communication channel. That kind of freedom would amount to anarchy and lack of profitability. Comcast and its siblings have heavily invested in profit optimization and we are not inclined to give up our position. Political backing ensures that the true purpose of the internet and the status quo is assured.

    Now, go watch a cat-video and shut up.

    /S (capital S starting that arcasm word)

  5. Florida1920

    No competition

    The only "broadband" Internet options where I live are Comcast and whatever name ATT DSL goes by. Comcast offers the better bandwidth options by far, so there isn't any true competition. Comcast prices their service accordingly.

    In situations like this, citizens would like government to oversee vital services like Internet access, to ensure quality service without eye-watering prices unaffordable to many families. Yeah, and people in Hell would like ice water.

    1. Pirate Dave Silver badge

      Re: No competition

      "whatever name ATT DSL goes by."

      That would be U-verse, as in

      "hey, Mario, let's sign-up for the new AT&T DSL, Cable-TV, telephone, cellphone all-in-one offering."

      "O-ah-kay-uh, u verse"

      I just switched to it 3 months ago after they called and said they were about to discontinue the old DSL service I'd had from BellSouth days (~2005). The service itself is decent, but their billing system is the pits. The bills all say AT&T at the top, just like for the old DSL, but apparently there is NO way to get a banking payment mistakenly sent to the old account credited to the new account. Might as well have been telling them I'd accidentally sent the payment to Georgia Power for all the good it did.

  6. Bill Michaelson

    Title confuses me

    Is the sense of the title reversed? Who is the foe of net neutrality?

  7. Christoph

    "We use an established outside vendor to monitor for websites that use our name and brands without authorization, and the vendor routinely sends out notices to those sites. That is what happened here"

    A big boy did it and ran away.

  8. Andrew Scott

    Comcast customer best interest not Comcast's best interest

    Comcast always seems to find a way to obey the law and rules while stretching the spirit beyond recognition. They should be treated as a utility as they have no regional competition.

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