back to article Parallel programming masterclass with compsci maven online

Dr DK Panda is a world-recognised expert on parallel programming and networking. He's a Distinguished Scholar at The Ohio State University and his research group has developed the MVAPICH2 (high performance MPI and MIP+PGAS) libraries for InfiniBand, iWARP, and RoCE with support for GPUs, Xeon Phi, and virtualization. His …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Someone has repealed Amdahl's law?

    Who knew?

    Once anything has to be shared the real ability to parallelize a problem goes right down.

    1. Bronek Kozicki

      Re: Someone has repealed Amdahl's law?

      The first step to solve a problem is to truly understand it. Once you have understood it, you might be able to reformulate it in such a way as to maximize the parallelization opportunities. If this does not happen then perhaps 1) the problem is inherently difficult to parallelize or 2) you are simply not good enough. I know which one it is for me, which is why I'm looking forward to watching this presentation.

  2. GrumpenKraut

    The website that reliably borks my firefox: all tabs get sluggish and stay so. Still "works", just tested. Any idea anyone WTF they are doing?

    Oh, and nothing whatsoever works on that web site, including minor things like going to the next slide.

    1. Simone


      Didn't work for me too, until I enabled cookies

  3. Calimero

    Back to shmem* and thinking ...

    Wow! No longer good enough to do a de facto serial processing and gather results at the end?! Force the youngsters whose fingers fly on the keyboard to actually partition a matrix?! Where is the world going to???? !!!!

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