back to article IBM man goes deep on why they're all shiny OpenCAPI people

IBM gave the audience a deeper dive into the OpenCAPI initiative and hardware at the recently concluded HPC Advisory Council annual meeting in Lugano, Switzerland. OpenCAPI is a new connection type that gives a high bandwidth, low latency, connection for memory, accelerators, network, storage, and other devices like ASICs. …

  1. returnofthemus

    Is there something amiss ...

    Aren't IBM articles usually followed by sarky comments, surely it can't be possible having released it's CAPI technology into the open community it's finally managed to quell the disdain of it's detractors?


    1. pyrasanth

      Re: Is there something amiss ...

      Ha generally yes. It may start later I guess!

      OpenCAPI and the whole OpenPower stuff is actually a good initiative. Been a little while since I worked in the area but the issue was always ISV adoption. Might have changed recently.

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