Samsung TV YouTube app's getting removed. What replaces it?

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  1. JLV

    Samsung TV YouTube app's getting removed. What replaces it?

    My Samsung TV's Hub update (yeah, well, that's one bit of kit Samsung does love to send updates to, always convenient when you wanna watch a show) is warning me that the YouTube app is gone by the end of June.

    I think it's Flash-based somehow, so I can understand replacing it. Except only removal is mentioned, not replacement.

    Anyone know what to expect there? It's a 4-5 yr old TV and that's taking out a big chunk of functionality. My expectations are low. They've already nuked their perfectly ok iOS remote control app for it and have replaced it with a completed emasculated POS that can barely adjust the volume. And it's not like they have a decent Android app either, despite fielding dozens of TV-related apps.

    Any ideas? Besides not buying Sammy in the future, that is?

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Get a Raspberry Pi 3 and put OSMC or OpenElec on it. Hopefully your TV has CEC to make operating it fairly painless. There are also two Android builds, RTAndroid and Android TV for Pi, but they have problems playing video at the moment.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Sorry, I meant to say LibreElec. OpenElec has sort of died.

      You might want OSMC if you also want to install things like Dnsmasq or a server of some kind as LibreElec is very cut down.

  3. JacobEye

    This is for Samsung only? I am hearing it for Sony Android TVs too.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      It's for every smart TV with the old YouTube app (black background in the menu on the left). The new YouTube app (red background in the menu on the left) came out around 2013.

      It doesn't affect Android TVs' YouTube app.

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