back to article WTH? Veeam retires one CEO, two pop up in his place

Backup firm Veeam has retired its freshly promoted CEO to a board committee chair role and promoted two other execs to be co-CEOs. The organisational structure changes are: CEO Bill Largent exits to become Chairman of the Finance & Compensation Committees on Veeam's board President, COO and board member Peter McKay becomes …

  1. EveryTime

    Hurd'n Katz was originally expected to a cage match. Ttwo enter, only one comes out.

    It worked better than most expected.

    Of course it would have worked out the other way too..

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Backup companies, amirite

    3-2-1 rule applied to CEOs.

    You must have at least 3 CEOs

    They must be at least 2 nationalities

    At least one must be retired (and presumably offsite)

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