back to article Intel, Samsung join Apple, FTC firing squad against rival Qualcomm

Add Intel and Samsung to the mix of companies siding against Qualcomm in its battle with US trade watchdog the FTC over alleged dodgy patent licensing. The two tech giants filed amicus briefs with the Northern California District Court on Friday supporting the American regulator in its crackdown on Qualy, and urged Judge Lucy …

  1. shodanbo

    Billion dollar companies point fingers are each other ...

    All public sees?

    WAAAAAAAAH, We are all super rich, and [Insert Company name here] is keeping us from getting richer!

    (And of course, its more complicated than this, but .... SOUNDBITES PEOPLE ... that's how things get done now)

    1. KjetilS

      It prevents healthy competition in the market which might artificially inflate prices for consumers, so it's not just the billion dollar companies that lose

    2. N13L5

      There's more to this story than the article lets on?

      Ignored was for example how Apple neglected to keep its master software agreement terms with Qualcomm. And how the media is apparently also in bed with Qualcomm's enemies. Like the WSJ misrepresentation of the dispute a day before Qualcomm's earnings announcement etc.

      And the FTC is in a number of tech companies' pocket anyway, doing the bidding for those companies affiliated with the CFR in one manner or another.

      Until we get to the lawsuit, or maybe even long after, I'd suspect media coverage is not to be believed at face value.

  2. FluffGlitter

    Oh, the hipocrisy!

    As a former employee of chipzilla who got axed when they decided to unilaterally close any office with < 500 people, I cant help but enjoy a little schadenfreude when hearing this.

    Hopefully they will all ruin each other and fade away over time

  3. chasil


    I'm actually surprised that Samsung was willing to join the litigants.

    Qualcomm could just as easily turn to Intel for foundry services, or perhaps TSMC. They could also grant HTC 6 months exclusive use of all new chips, in a similar deal to what Samsung enjoys now.

    That could very well end the galaxy line. I'll bet this exact discussion has taken place many times between members of Qualcomm's board.

  4. Randall Shimizu

    Geez what a bunch of crybabies. Qualcomm invented the technology so have the right to set the price and license the technology as they so choose.

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