back to article The world (of backup) is not enough for Barracuda

Data protection and security player Barracuda is being affected by customers moving away from point products, and the resulting combined data protection plus security themes could mean other pure-play backup suppliers are going to be left behind. At EMEA TechSummit in Alpbach, Austria, CEO and president BJ Jenkins outlined a …

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  2. ecarlseen

    Ex-Barracuda customer

    We used Barracuda for spam filtering back when they were in interesting player in the market. My impression of them is that they constantly chase new opportunities (fine) to the detriment of their existing products (not fine). Their email security appliance is more or less a joke now. No manual control over filters - any changes must be forced in by their technical support staff, and are usually undone on the next software upgrade. It was so bad that by the end we were more or less whitelisting every important company that needed to pass mail through because otherwise the false-positive rates were absurd, and if we lowered the threshold for what's blocked then false-negative rates were absurd.

    And there are plenty of other things like One Admin Account To Rule Them All (worst practice) - they promised to fix that for many years but never did before we gave up (I think they still might have that). Anyway, crap company with products that used to be good but languished and now suck. We eval'd their web security appliance back when we still liked them, and it was pretty much worthless - categorization was so poor that again we were back to manually whitelisting / blacklisting sites constantly. We never bought that product.

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