back to article LastPass resolves UK connectivity blooper

Cloud-based password manager LastPass has resolved an issue that left Brits unable to reliably access the service between Tuesday and Thursday this week. In response to queries from El Reg, LastPass blamed the tricky glitch on connectivity issues, which it has been able to route around and fix. A spokesperson for LogMeIn, the …

  1. Sir Sham Cad

    Re: users' security was unaffected.

    Yep. The best kind of security there is. Zero access.

    Nearly time for a lunchtime pint. Think I'll just turn the whole network off just to make sure nothing bad happens while I'm away.

  2. batfastad


    "We modified the Domain Name System (DNS) to bypass our 3rd party provider in that region."

    It took 2+ days - sounds like they've been waiting for TTL expiry! Lol if that's how they make routing changes.

  3. Comments are attributed to your handle

    "Cloud-based password manager"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But seriously, what a stupid fucking idea.

  4. JJKing

    The Cloud is not solid?

    And that boys and girls is why I avoid Cloud based solutions like the plague. Didn't everyone have fun when Office 365 played hide and seek for a couple of days some time ago.

    Aeroplanes don't like clouds either because mountains hide in them.

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