back to article People are talking about a BT Global Services sell-off again

BT Global Services remains the problem child for the former state monopoly and something has got to give: sales generated by the division continue to go in the wrong direction (in part due to the decline in global outsourcing), bucking the upward swing across the wider group. And while historic talk in the industry that BTGS …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Very soon

    BT will be nothing but a 'shell corporation'. We'll know for sure when it moves its domicile to the Lesser Antilies or some other tax haven and de-lists from the FTSE.

  2. Stu Wilson

    Loss making

    Once upon a time the core unit of BT Global Services (Syntegra aka BT Syntegra aka BT C&SI) was the only profit making part of BT.

    Once BT chose to pull Syntegra back into the BT fold, they pushed all the loss making parts of BT into the new BT Global Services bucket, and then pissed in it.

    Now it's the worst performing unit in BT arse-nal, go figure!

    1. Outer mongolian custard monster from outer space (honest)

      Re: Loss making

      Have a upvote, I was contracted to Syntegra when they were making great profits, then got dragged screaming back into the mothership and were forced to use all the BT systems and processes instead of how they operated sucessfully independantly.

      Early on in the re-merger exercise I remember a visit from a new high up BT manager appointed to our special division after the changes and he stood up in front of 20 people and told us that the next move was to get rid of all those leeches draining the company dry, ie contractors.

      Interesting tactic to mobilise and improve things as most of us were on contract, and the rest were admin or managerial, and we pulled in millions of pound of profit per year as a team selling high expertise solutions to very discerning customers.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Loss making

        As a customer who has dealt with BT directly and BT Global Services in multiple organisations over the last 20+ years, I would characterise BT Global Services as capable and competitive.

        For those reasons, I would suggest the two parts of the business are fundamentally incompatible.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I read the headline as Pay off, rather than Sell off.

    Force of habit, but I read the headline as another pay off (Italian Style), BT just stands for corruption in my book.

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