back to article Chinese supercomputer newbs smash student cluster-building record

Yet another record has fallen at the Asia Supercomputer Community Student Cluster Competition. This time, it’s the HPCG (High Performance Conjugate Gradients) mark. Little-known Weifang University in Shandong Province, which also set a new student LINPACK record, notched a score of 992.333 GFLOP/s, handily topping the rest of …

  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    A little confused

    What is the student "competition" here?

    Their institutes have a BFO supercomputer.

    They run a standard benchmark

    Fastest wins?

    Are they coding the benchmark themselves as part of the competition? If so are they allowed to use the libraries that came with their supercomputer?

    Otherwise it seems like a competition to travel fastest by train, with students from Paris taking the TGV beating students from London taking the tube.

    1. Dan Olds

      Re: A little confused

      If you get the chance, read some of the other student cluster competition stories I've posted, that will give you a good background on the competition. As to your specific question, the students can optimize the benchmark for their hardware, can select their own libraries, and select their own hardware configurations. In other words, they're not just all running exactly the same configuration of LINPACK or HPCG on their clusters - so it's a real contest.

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