back to article You are not a beautiful and unique Snowflake which just picked up another hundred mill

Cloud data warehouse startup Snowflake has picked up a $100m D-round of funding. Total funding, since the company was started up by Oracle veterans in 2012, is now $205m. There was a $45m C-round in 2015, when the product came out of beta testing, and a $26m B-round in 2014 with the remaining $34m made up from an A-round …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "its cloud-based data warehouse-as-a-service."

    I think we've found it's elevator pitch.

    Wheather or not it's a good elevator pitch only time will tell.

    The question remains.

    Who owns your data (I know what the answer should be, but is it)?

    Can you migrate it to another cloud/server/whatever if you want to?

    Whose laws does this server farm operate under exactly?

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