back to article Dell to patch AMT-vulnerable systems

Dell, which last week was scrambling to work out which of its systems are affected by the Intel AMT vulnerability, is scrambling to catch up with peers HP Inc, Lenovo and Fujitsu. In a note published on Friday, the company said it would publish firmware fixes for most vulnerable kit. As readers should already know, Intel …

  1. Warm Braw

    Poweredge T20?

    Can't find a mention of it...

    1. nagyeger

      Re: Poweredge T20?

      I've just found my 2nd hand fujitsu celcius. But the patch is windows only, and it arrived from the

      refurbisher running linux.


    2. djack

      Re: Poweredge T20?


      Mine is still well within its warranty period, so there's absolutely no way it should be unsupported.

  2. Someone

    Published fixes?

    Those release dates look decidedly in the future.

  3. neildon1

    The article actually says "The systems below are affected and will receive patched Intel firmware via Dell BIOS updates as they become available" if you look at the bios dates the earliest listed is 17/5/17

    So no paches have been released yet, just check any of the machines listed .....

    the ones with no date listed , are they even going to patch ?

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