back to article Master of Dredd: Judge inker John Higgins speaks to The Reg

Say the words "Judge" and "Dredd" and one name should rather forcefully present itself. Not Sylvester Stallone nor Karl Urban, who played the legendary futuristic lawman in two celluloid interpretations (one dreddful, one ace) of the comic book classic. No, it's John Higgins – the Liverpudlian comic book artist who helped …

  1. m0rt

    Rogue Trooper

    Meltdown Man.


    The Megacity vibe as a whole. It disturbed me as a kid, which goes to show just how good it was. Lasting impact. Loved it. Oh, and seamonkeys...:D Remember those ads?

    PS - as an aside, the laster Dredd film with Urban, if you haven't watched it, it is actually a pretty good rendition of Dredd.

    1. Jedit
      IT Angle

      Meltdown Man

      Sorry to be a pedant on what is otherwise a good post, but Meltdown Man was illustrated by Massimo Belardinelli. Sadly taken from us too young, like Joe Colquhoun and now Steve Dillon.

      1. m0rt

        Re: Meltdown Man

        It was more a ref to 2000 A.D. Not JH per se. But kudos for the deep knowledge here!

  2. Whitter

    Well done sir!

    2000AD was the birthplace of many a great British artist and/or writer.

    Still is.

  3. Ketlan

    This sounds good

    Loved Urban's Dredd, the Killing Joke and, naturally, Watchmen. This looks like a worthwhile gallery visit for a change. More power to Higgins' glorious pen.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. jason 7

    Started at Prog 13...

    ...aged 6!

    I think one of my fave Dredd moments was when confronted by a man who could change into a man sized fly if he smelt rooting food. I can't quite remember all the exact dialogue.

    Man turns into fly when confronted by Dredd, Lawgiver drawn.

    Dredd - "In the name of the Law I sentence you to dea...

    Fly Man's Wife (jumping in to try to stop Dredd) "Wait...why is turning into a fly against the law?"

    Dredd - (Pausing, quizzical look on jaw) "Hmmm You know, I think you got me there!"

    1. OrientalHero

      Re: Started at Prog 13...

      I got it.

      Turning into a fly is proof of mutant powers. Mutants were illegal in Megacity One.

      Although if he co-operated, he'd probably just get exiled to the Cursed Earth.

    2. David 132 Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Started at Prog 13...

      I think one of my fave Dredd moments was when confronted by a man who could change into a man sized fly if he smelt rooting food. I can't quite remember all the exact dialogue.

      It's possible nay probable that I am confusing it with another story, but ISTR the title of that one (or maybe it was just a badge the protagonist wore?) was "I'm Manny, Me Fly". It took years before I discovered 10cc and "got" that particular reference!

      BTW will I lose all squaxx dek Thargo credibility points if I admit that I rather like the Stallone version of Dredd?

  5. Triggerfish


    One of the best Dredd story arcs I have read, and beats many non comic book novels plot lines for it's maturity and depth.

    1. Tom Paine

      Re: Democracy

      John Wagner is one of the least well-knownliving legends in comics today; he should be a household name.

    2. Jedit

      Re: Democracy

      You misspelled "America" there, but I'll forgive you as the two words have little connection these days.

      Totally unrelated to Higgins or Dredd, but Summer Magic just got a full reprint this week. John Ridgway's art in top form (and Ridgway illustrated The Dead Man - ha, there's your Dredd connection).

      This forum needs a Dredd icon.

      1. Triggerfish

        Re: Democracy

        America was excellent but I think the whole story arc it's part of stands out as well.

        Have to say summer magic was a fave 2000 ad story as well, good choice. :)

  6. Dr_N Silver badge

    Thank You

    Nice article on a relatively unsung comics legend.

  7. graeme leggett

    my faulty memory

    Though I read 2000AD from prog 2 onwards for a fair few years, it's more Dillon, Gibbons and Ezquerra I remember. I shall have to grab a Volume of Dredd stories off the shelf at the library and refresh it.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Awesome 2000AD artists

    I grew up enjoying Mr Higgins' depictions of Judge Dredd and other characters alongside the awesome imagery of Simon Bisley, who gave us Slaine and Lobo, and I recall also did a few Dredd issues as well. One I fondly remember as Batman vs Judge Dredd at the beginning of the 90s.

    (...and yes I remember the sea monkey advertisements!)

  9. Roo Stercogburn

    Dredd The Compassionate

    Dredd attending suicide attempt just before the fellow jumps from great height:

    "Don't do it citizen. Littering is an offence."

  10. peewag

    Must be the year...

    ... for comic art as the Kelvingrove in Glasgow has a Frank Quietly / Vincent Deighan exhibition.

  11. Mr Bussiness

    I bet he drinks Starling Black Label...

    Probably why he jumped!

  12. Roo Stercogburn

    TV Series Announced

    Rebellion have announced there will be a TV series. Hopefully Mr. Higgins exhibition will benefit as a result of renewed interest :)

    1. IsJustabloke
      Thumb Up

      Re: TV Series Announced

      A Dredd TV series? :D

      Yes please!

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