Google - the worlds biggest toymaker ?

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  1. JimmyPage

    Google - the worlds biggest toymaker ?

    Because I sure as hell wouldn't trust anything of value to that bunch of jokers.

    I guess we should have got the message when they started giving Android those bloody stupid release names ....

    Just upgraded to Nougat, and have instantly lost the ability to screenshot by pressing the power button.

    Even worse, it seems I now need to press power *and* volume down. Not so easy when you haven't both arms.

    Everything I have tried to use from Google has failed when put to the test. Something I really suggest we all bear in mind when their cars hit the road.

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Google - the worlds biggest toymaker ?

      You're just now figuring this out? I've been vocally anti-google for over ten years. google is inherently evil, I even drop all their IP space at the routers. They are a bad, bad accident waiting to happen.

    2. Torry_Cox

      Re: Google - the worlds biggest toymaker ?

      With such a pace Google will soon tell us when and how to breathe.

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