back to article Filer startup Qumulo chosen to help tame the DreamWorks dragon

HPE has enabled DreamWorks Animation to replace legacy storage systems by having Qumulo software running on its Apollo servers. HPE is a long-time supplier of workstations, servers and storage to DreamWorks Animation SKG. The company's CG-animated productions include Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Monsters vs. Aliens and …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "Movie and TV SFX firms always seem to want more IT resources"

    Back in the day it seemed the guys with that profile were the people who did geophysics simulation and imaging IE taking seismic survey data and reconstructing the underlying rock strata, usually for oil and gas deposits.

    Once upon a time the goal was the fabled "Mega Korean Machine."* but I suspect we've long passed that limit.

    *Koreans being the cheapest animators on the planet at the time.

    1. BebopWeBop

      Re: "Movie and TV SFX firms always seem to want more IT resources"

      well akshereley anyone doing nuclear weapons simulation was also with up the list...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting timing.

    Slight aside: is it really so much work to write "software" that you have to resort to "SW"? :)

    The timing is interesting. Black Magic Design's new version of DaVinci Resolve is heavily into sharing and collaborating to the point that it allows a production to break the usual work sequence and do more things in parallel, but if you're working on 8K material you need serious kit to hold your files together.

    It's obviously nowhere near as much as SFX and animation need, but if it gets complex, more and fast is always better. Although, come to think of it, I can't recall a situation where I'd ever want less and slower :).

  3. Dave 126 Silver badge

    This was a good article, especially in juxtaposition to the last Reg case study of a VFX house who rolled their own storage.

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