back to article PC sales are up across Europe. You read that right. PC sales are up

Sales of personal computers - boring old-school desktop and laptops – are up across Europe. So says market-watcher IDC in its new Personal Computing Device Tracker for Europe, the Middle East and Africa for the first quarter of 2017. Notebook PC sales grew by 11.7 per cent to lead the surge to 17,400,000 overall sales, about …

  1. Rich 11 Silver badge

    "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

    Cue the indignant cries of "What has Brexit got to do with this? You're shoehorning Brexit in everywhere, El Reg!" from skim-readers in 3... 2... 1...

    1. Mage Silver badge

      Re: "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

      Well, since last June my UK sales have fallen off a cliff. ONE to UK in 2017. In 2017 about half are to North America and half are to France + Germany.

      Just anecdotal.

      Nervous people don't buy expensive stuff. I wonder what non-contract (sim free) smart phone sales are like in UK last 6 months compared to Jan - May 2016?

    2. Korev Silver badge

      Re: "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

      The pound crashed after the vote and hasn't recovered meaning that imports (including PCs) are more expensive.

      1. Adam Jarvis

        Re: "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

        Cheap SSDs staples such as the Integral 120GB Series-P / Series-V were £25 this time last year, now £50-60. Thankfully, we made hay while the sun was shining (last year).

        SSDs are still the best type of upgrade "on the cheap", though.

        Other brands were/are also good, like Sandisk Plus (were MLC, then TLC) - now branded WD (not tried) and of course, Samsung.

      2. Mr Dogshit

        Re: "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

        Yes, but it's worth it to regain our sovereignty.

        1. YARR

          Re: "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

          Totally! Who cares if someone who doesn't live here makes our laws?

          Let's ask for a trade deal where the Premier of China gets to veto our laws for 0.5% off all Chinese goods.

          Because EU-re worth it!

        2. Loud Speaker

          Re: "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

          YOU are not going to get any sovereignty. The MPs will get more.

          You had MEPs before, with a say in Europe, and Europe was able to restrain the more bizarre ideas of UK MPs.

          Now, you have no say in Europe, which is still your biggest market and source of food - so biggest economic and social partner, and our nut-job MPs can resume their roll-out of mad legislation, unrestrained.

    3. Gezza

      Re: "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

      @ Rich 11


      1. TRT Silver badge

        Re: "but Brexit-blown Blighty misses out"

        BM;DR (Brexit Mentioned; Didn't Read). Referendum fatigue is setting in. Sorry. HAS set in.

  2. TRT Silver badge

    Hm... It seems as if it's the BIG VENDORS that are experiencing shipment uplifts, not the Others... the smaller outfits. I don't know what to make of that.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What has Brexit got to do with this?

    You're shoehorning Brexit in everywhere, El Reg!

  4. deadlockvictim Silver badge

    Well, obviously the Brexiteers are waiting to buy Great British computers, once they arrive (or are revived [1]), instead of having all of that foreign muck foisted upon them.

    Or the computer buying populace is not at all happy that fall in Sterling has made imported goods more expensive and this is putting many off.

    [1] Ah, BBC Micro, we do miss you.

    1. anthonyhegedus Silver badge

      You wrote 'brexiteers'. Now all it'll take is someone to write 'corbynista' and I'll pack up and go home.

      1. Andy Non Silver badge

        @anthonyhegedus, I blame the corbinista brexiteers. ;-)

      2. PNGuinn

        There you go - @ anthonyhegedus

        --- corbynista ---

        May I have a small prize?

        >> I presume you'll need yours.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        You wrote 'brexiteers'. Now all it'll take is someone to write 'corbynista' and I'll pack up and go home.

        Wasn't "The Brexiteers" a Stephen King mini-series?

        Or is in a soon-to-be miniseries?

    2. VinceH


      Isn't the Raspberry Pi manufactured in Cardiff? (Probably from parts brought in from abroad, but that's another matter). That should do them. They can also put a British OS on it in the form of RISC OS - and there's a release called 'Pico' which boots straight to the BBC BASIC command prompt.

      1. deadlockvictim Silver badge

        How could I forget about the Raspberry Pi? Hangs head in shame.

        It is well most important computer to come out in the last 20 years.

        My apologies all.

      2. stephanh

        Problem: the Raspberry Pi is dirt cheap, so if everybody starts using them, total PC sales would take a nose dive.

        Solution: a Sinclair Spectrum-branded RPi for £5000,-.

  5. Sil

    If memory servers, the PC sales in Europe were down 6,9 % in Q1 2017.

    Who are we supposed to believe.

  6. deadlockvictim Silver badge


    What's wrong with «Brexiteer»? It's a handy neologism to describe the 50%+ of the voting population of the United Queendom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that voted to secede from the E.U. It has connotations of going forth bravely into a brave new world. I find it useful.

    1. Rich 11 Silver badge

      Re: Brexiteer

      That would indeed be one connotation.

    2. Glenturret Single Malt

      Re: Brexiteer

      "going forth bravely"

      Foolhardily, more like.

      1. stephanh

        Re: Brexiteer

        "Courageous", would Sir Humphrey Appleby say.

        1. TRT Silver badge

          Re: Brexiteer

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brexit or not...

    We've always been shafted on price for laptops and PCs in the UK.

    With laptops we get shafted on spec as well. The OEMs know they can punt mid range crap and top end prices.

    The average consumer seems to only care about disk space. Which is presumably why the bottom end of the market tends to have larger hard drives.

    The number of times someone has asked me "how much memory has it got" when they meant hard drive space is incredible.

    Britain simultaneously has some of the smartest people in the world whilst also having one of the largest groups of cretins.

    1. Halfmad Silver badge

      Re: Brexit or not...

      It's not cretinous to not know about computers especially since many of those buying them for grand children didn't have access to them until they were well into adulthood. I'm sure a few of them could teach our millennials a few things about how even modern car engines worked as they are far more likely to have had to get their hands dirty maintaining their own car.

      Using the wrong terminology is one thing, fact is they knew what they meant - storage space as that's typically what's marketed as good as it holds all the kids "college work", it's not as if other goods aren't marketed as equally daft at times, cars for example are typically done on fuel efficiency none of us ever see and on glamour when it's a tool most of us don't think twice about until it breaks.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Brexit or not...

        No it isn't cretinous to have little understanding of computer specifications, its outrageous. Help is out there.

        Its not a dauntng task and doubtless everyone here would give free advice if asked. I know I would annd regularly do...I look after a small contingent of pensioners for free with technically related issues.

        I even refurb and give away kit to those that are easily flabbergasted if Ive recently done an office clearance.

        The biggest scandal is that there usually isnt a decent range to choose from on your local high street. Certainly not at a reasonable price. Ergo those people that dont ask for help / can't find help get screwed.

        Ive seen shitty i3 based machines with 4GB of RAM and 720p display go for around the £500 mark. Thats unbelievably poor value for money.

        You can get an i5 with 8GB of RAM and an SSD for that.

        I still see Celeron based stuff going for around £400 with 2GB RAM.

        Dick Turpin doesnt wear a mask anymore, he sells laptops now.

  8. Kiwi Silver badge


    It's quite obvious that sales would be increasing.

    After all, a Windows 10 machine has a much shorter lifespan, what with the violence directed at them thanks to stupid MS designs.

    I'd bet the sales of window panes have also risen sharply. And probably computer-related accidents as well.

    1. TRT Silver badge

      In this scenario...

      ... the only winners are the insurance salespeople.

      1. Kiwi Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Re: In this scenario...

        ... the only winners are the insurance salespeople.

        Ah yes. An enigma them. Often financially some of the only true winners, while simultaneously being a bunch of bottom-feeding losers, the lowest of the low (not all mind, but some.. Guess who has been helping friends trawl through some policies for house/contents insurance, stuff which includes such gems as "if your property is damaged/stolen as a result of a deliberate act of any person on your property" - theft normally is deliberate!).

        I'm sure PC etc sales firms who get a lot of repeat business feel like winners. And those of us who do our best to support such machines while they still live, well.. We feel so very far from winners (thankfully "I don't use W10 so don't know a thing about it" helps a lot. That and, er, "accidentally" killing a machine due to a lack of knowledge but someone still pushes you...)

  9. Les Matthew

    I always file

    Death of the desktop PC


    "Paperless office" and "Year of linux on the desktop".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I always file

      ...and Half Life 3

    2. Robert Moore

      Re: I always file

      And Duke Nukem Forever.

      (That was just a bad dream we all had.)

    3. Daniel von Asmuth

      The PC is dead

      1,6 % growth? When the industry needs at least 15 % annual sales growth to keep from collapsing.

      1. Oh Homer

        Re: The PC is dead

        Yup, not only is this just a tiny blip, but it's not even this year's blip, it's last year's back-orders due to component shortages.

        And yes, Brexit is worth mentioning. Sales were already in the toilet due to the bankster heist known as "austerity", a general lack of interest in all things not mobile, and that malware masquerading as the next version of Windows. Brexflation has merely compounded an already dire situation.

        The PC isn't just dead, it was brutally murdered in its sleep.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is this really surprising? The NSA leak makes running pre-Win10 machines the equivalent of playing Russian roulette. (Against actual Russian hackers)

    You could either install Linux or upgrade. Options were limited.

    I bet Microsoft has a great quarter earnings.

  11. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    PC dead?

    Odd that. Just last week the people I (occasionally) work for got a couple of new desktop computers.

    Later this year, I'll almost certainly be buying a new Ryzen based one - once it has had a bit more of a shake-down.

    Must be just another blip I guess.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Numbers represent hundreds of thousands" - even the way we describe figures has gone stupid then?

    Why not millions and place shifted one more to the left?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So even the way we write numbers has gotten stupid?

    "Numbers represent hundreds of thousands"

    Why not millions and place shifted one more to the left?

    1. Loud Speaker

      Re: So even the way we write numbers has gotten stupid?

      Why not millions and place shifted one more to the left?

      Because only Corbynistas shift left!

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