back to article Cloud students, pay attention! Exam plans promise fresh skills

Anyone looking to deploy cloud in any meaningful way will struggle to find skilled practitioners. It's a situation faced by so many enterprises, no matter what cloud system is being deployed. Microsoft recently bewailed the lack of cloud skills and it's been an issue long highlighted by the Cloud Industry Forum, which is why …

  1. Steve Button Silver badge


    Did you take money for this? It reads very much like a promo.

    AWS certification is what most employers are looking for, or at a pinch Azure. But all the cloud providers are so different that this would have to cover them all, or be very watered down.

  2. Gordon Pryra

    Pie in the Sky

    Cool story bro!

    And in the real world, companies don't train staff and when they do, its offset by them paying utter crap.

    There will be no people to fill the "skills gap" because companies look for the following points when trying to hire full time staff (in the order shown below)

    1) Cheap

    2) Already qualified

    Until employees pay wages to full time staff that do not amount to taking the piss, those with the skills (or the ability to give themselves the skills) will continue to be contractors and generally pay for their own certifications. No way i am working for peanuts when I cover the cost of my own certification

  3. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Oh ANOTHER skills gap!

    Great stuff.

    People don't want to follow / are not ready to follow / are not interested in / the latest superize-me fad that has been concoted in the bowels in the industry and would rather work on developing their business in a sane way?


    Can't hire a remote indian engineer who can write a 5000-line perl script over the phone "as good as" any designed by in-house people who actually know which machine is supposed to talk to which?


    "I'd love to see that training accessible to people such as unrepresented minorities and women to showcase the breadth of their capabilities"

    What the HELL are "unrepresented minorities that have a cloud skills gap"?

    1. Snorlax

      Re: Oh ANOTHER skills gap!

      What the HELL are "unrepresented minorities that have a cloud skills gap

      Midgets? Gypsies? Midget gypsy lesbians?

      Your guess is as good as mine...

  4. Tcat

    Watered Down and too slow

    I believe Steve has it half right with watered down. Steve, you didn't address change. AWS and Azure change faster than some folks change underwear.

    CompTIA is looking to make Cloud+ LOL. It will go the way of iNet+ My Exam Prep for the latter is a Good book. Too bad the exam landed like a lead balloon.

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