back to article Qualcomm takes $1bn BlackBerry bite like a champ, struts away

Qualcomm is blaming a $974m pile of cash it had to fork out to BlackBerry for huge drops in revenues in its second quarter. The payment, which stems from legal fees and patent fee charges awarded by an arbitration court, tanked what would have otherwise been a solid quarter. For the fiscal 2017 Q2 [PDF], which ended on March …

  1. AMBxx Silver badge

    >> with a number of Apple's iPhone manufacturers now underreporting their licensing fees at Apple's behest

    More details please. How and why?

    1. paulf

      Huge, if true! This really was breezed over by the article and ought to be expanded on because it suggests:

      1. Subcontractors making chips for Apple are incorrectly under reporting how many they make to reduce their license fee payments

      2. Subcontractors assembling the final phones are incorrectly under reporting how many phones they make and thus how many chips go into a final product.

      3. Subcontractors are incorrectly reporting the level of royalty payments they make to the financial markets in their company reporting, although paying the correct amount to the recipient.

      It's not clear from the story which of these is the case (or perhaps mystery option D?) but none of these sound particularly healthy. At best breach of contract, at worst breaking the law. If they get called on this kind of thing will they just say Apple made us do it? What threats incentives have Apple offered to ensure compliance plus no comeback on them?

      If, as the story implies, Apple are encouraging/forcing their subcontractors to behave like this then there's a serious story there. Come on El Reg - you're not going to get invited to any of their events so you might as well dig some dirt!

  2. Cuddles

    Accountancy maths?

    "Revenues of $5bn

    The QCT chip business reported revenues of $3.7bn, up 10 per cent from last year's quarter. The QTL licensing branch saw revenues of $2.25bn, up 5 per cent year-over-year."

    3.676 + 2.249 = 5.0

    Am I the only one who thinks that doesn't sound quite right? I guess it looks OK to the sort of people who can keep a straight face while saying "Aside from losing well over half our profits to the nearly $2 billion we've been fined in the last few months, we're doing really well.".

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