back to article Sending data to the cloud is our business and business is GOOD

Helping organisations send and access stored data in the public cloud is good business for gateway supplier Nasuni, which is expanding its corporate waistline. As are competitors Avere and Panzura. Having received additional funding late last year and record results in 2016, Nasuni has decided to go more strongly for growth. …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    More rounds of funding?

    That means that their retirement plans have not yet come to fruition i.e. they have not been bought out by a bigger player.

    Why do the people providing funding not see this? OR do they get some ROCI from the deal anyway?

  2. Dcrolltide

    Gets better before it gets worse?

    I see these gateway companies as a way to leverage cloud offerings, when the source applications cannot write to them natively. I realize it's a bridge, and can handle multiple applications - creating an enerterprise approach. However, once the source apps can leverage S3 and the likes, are these gateways necessary?

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