back to article Dell servers set to get a flash boost from Toshiba

Demonstrating the strength of Toshiba's NAND chips and SSD business, Dell's PowerEdge 13G servers will use Toshiba HK4 SSDs to make them faster and add encryption options. The HK4 is a 2.5-inch, 6 Gbps SATA SSD announced just over a year ago. It uses 15nm NAND lithography with an MLC (2 bits/cell) layout and is delivered in …

  1. Gerhard Mack

    Now if only they would be affordable

    Dell's markup on SSD is insane and keeps me from using even the smaller sizes for boot drives. Finding the same drive for far less elsewhere is just frustrating.

    1. Aitor 1

      Re: Now if only they would be affordable

      That and "enterprise sata ssd".

      They sell these ssds for more than other ppl sell NVMe drives. Makes absolute no sense.

      Then they will complain about grey/white boxes, etc

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