back to article Financially outgunned in Tosh memory biz sale, WD wheels out contract law artillery

Broadcom may be better placed financially to bid for Toshiba's memory business because Western Digital is burdened with debt from its $16bn SanDisk acquisition. Knowing this, WD is setting up a contract law barrage. Bloomberg, quoting unnamed sources, says Broadcom has lined up financing from three Japanese banks: Mizuho …

  1. Charles 9 Silver badge

    I won't comment on whether or not the move is proper or not, but it should come as no surprise that if one acquires a partner, that partner's going to get a say in matters. It would seem that, like it or not, WD is going to demand their say. Given the penchant of the lawyers on all sides, sorting this all out is going to take some time.

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