back to article Half of mobe, broadband customers unhappy with how complaints handled

Just over half of broadband and mobile customers who moaned to their provider were satisfied with how their complaints were handled, according to a report by UK regulator Ofcom. Sky customers had the highest levels of satisfaction with how their complaint was dealt with in the last six months of 2016 (61 per cent), while …

  1. djstardust

    Ha ha

    BT increase prices AGAIN

    Call BT, they tell you to sod off and the increase stands.

    Escalate complaint, nothing we can do, go to regulator

    go to regulator, nothing to do with us, you'll need to sort it out with BT

    "Sharon White, Ofcom chief exec, said: "We're determined to help bring about a service revolution in the telecoms sector, where consistency and excellence become the norm, and customers always come first"

    More weasel words when in fact OFFCOM have and will always achieve nothing. I think finally people are realising that regulators are just a money making scam very much on the side of the industry.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's not just the mainstream bottom feeder ISPs, the once decent ones too.

    BTWholesale/Entanet definitely seem to be throttling business sites (under the weasel terms of network management) i.e. Microsoft / Apple during business hours on their home users (seems to be to force users to take out a teleworker/biz account). Apple Update / Windows Update are basically unusable.

    I've given up trying to run Windows Updates / Apple updates during normal working hours, when working from home on certain days. Come 6pm, the switch is flicked and downloads resume full speed.

    Patch Tue/Wed (today) is just a nightmare, doesn't help that Windows 10 Creators Update is out too.

  3. Terry 6 Silver badge

    Things will go wrong

    You'd think the companies would want to hear about problems, resolve them so that you don't go elsewhere and prevent them happening again.

    You'd think so. But the beancounters see complaint handling/customer service as a cost centre. So instead the companies make it as difficult as possible to tell them there's a problem - hiding contact details behind "useful links" and "FAQ" pages that take complainants round in circles. Then if you get past that you get to a scripted call handler who only has about three different solutions, none of which might apply because they are meant for the 90% most common problems, but which they will still offer. This is the fobbing off stage. Following that you will get the blocking stage. In which they will promise a response in x number of days, and then tell you something that you've already been told and didn't. work. And then they close the case. Which, if you can get past this will go to stage 4. In stage 4 they will actually accept it's their fault, but when you tell them what they need to do to make restitution they will say "We can't do that" ( which means "won't") and fob you off again with what you've already been offered, which won't resolve the problem, let alone make up for it.

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