back to article BlackBerry wins $814m Qualcomm patent-cap arbitration

BlackBerry has been awarded $814m in a patent arbitration action against Qualcomm. Arbitration was sought on the subject of whether a Qualcomm royalty cap program applied to BlackBerry's non-refundable payments of royalties on a number of devices that were sold between 2010 and 2015. According to Qualcomm, the cap was …

  1. hellwig

    The firms agreed to seek arbitration...

    "It's binding and cannot be appealed."

    Qualcomm should have realized that whole "waive your rights to a trial and agree to arbitration with an arbiter of our choosing" clause in the contract (and every EULA ever) is just a scam. How much of the decision does the arbiter get? 10%? I don't know the going rates.

    1. Eddy Ito

      Re: The firms agreed to seek arbitration...

      You do get that Qualcomm are big boys and girls with equally expensive lawyers as Blackberry and could have been equally as responsible for the arbitration clause in the contract, don't you? Trying to compare this to Megabillion-megacorp's "my way or the highway" EULA vs hoi palloi J. Q. Citizen is a bit of a stretch.

  2. TheVogon

    If the arbiter was paid by percentage of the decision, it would potentially introduce a bias.

    Hence the fee will be fixed in advance possibly as a percentage of the money at stake, but more likely as an unrelated fixed sum.

  3. OrinokoMatt

    Waiting for the inevitable "Are BlackBerry still going??" comments..

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