back to article Oracle reseller boss banned from directorship over VAT fiddle

The boss of an Oracle reseller has been banned from holding a director position in the UK for six years – after his company fiddled its VAT returns, resulting in a loss of £146,884 to the taxman. Mario Edward Sanvitale, director of 1st Milestone, was disqualified this week after a probe by the Insolvency Service found "he …

  1. Sir Sham Cad


    Someone give him a job at Toshiba!

    1. TheVogon

      Re: Perfect!

      Not sure how one guys personal tax screw-up is really news? This sort of stuff happens all the time when companies are shut down and directors don't meet all obligations or commit misfeasance. Seems rather unfair on this guy to publicise one instance of it.

      Much as I'm not a fan of Oracle, it's nothing directly to do with them.

  2. BebopWeBop


    do you think he might have been studying the Oracle guide to ethical business practices - but failed to complete the appendix 'and how not to get caught or at least have plausible backup'?

    1. a_yank_lurker

      Re: hmmm

      Leisure Larry's Minions and their sidekicks can even spell ethics, who'd believe that?

  3. Stevie


    Well that worked.

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