back to article nbn™ trials 10 Gbps fibre tech most of you will never see

Nokia seems to believe in the future of fibre: it's run a test with nbn™ demonstrating next-generation passive optical networking (NG-PON) running at 10 Gbps. If it looks like mixed messaging to you, you're probably not alone, since under current plans, the only households able to run any kind of PON are the those who already …

  1. Phil Kingston

    nbnco's CEO last month:

    "Currently, there are no retail 1Gbps speed plans on offer from the retailers. This is, in our opinion, because there is still minimal consumer demand for these ultra-fast speeds -- especially at the prices retailers would have to charge for them."

    Something doesn't add up.

    1. julianh72

      "Something doesn't add up."

      That was my thought exactly - why is NBNco trialling a technology that it won't be able to deliver to the significant majority of connected customers, delivering speed that they believe nobody wants?

      Maybe somebody at NBNco just noticed the CEO's new clothes are something of an illusion?

      1. Medixstiff

        "That was my thought exactly - why is NBNco trialling a technology that it won't be able to deliver to the significant majority of connected customers, delivering speed that they believe nobody wants?"

        I always wondered why they don't push hard into the corporate market and I expect they want a piece of the pie, considering just our 100Mbps connection over dark fibre is close to AUD $1,000 per month (including data downloaded up to a certain amount), a 1Gbps connection at half that price would get snapped up by quite a few large and small businesses I expect.

        1. JJKing

          I know a business that has a 100 Down/100 Up fibre connection from Telstra that costs them $1,250 per month. A New Zealand Gigabit connection, 1000/400 costs about AUD$125 so that is a way lot less than half of what is presently being paid for the 100/100 here. If the idiot liberals were half smart, they could present that sort of saving as a pseudo tax cut. $13,500 less per year on your Internet bill is a pretty descent sort of saving. How much of a boost to the economy would that provide.

          1. Denarius Silver badge

            Inconceivable !

            Oz get same pricing as every one else ? Impossible. Our wise leaders know Oz is a colonial outpost of current great power de jure and must be grateful for any crumbs left over for us. We should feel privileged to pay higher prices for most goods and services because it shows our loyalty. About time our leadership cults experienced a real independence day when the citizens demand the country is run for its citizens, not every multinational or crackpot foreign government who demands and gets taxpayer subsidy for its tax dodging mining pits or its futile wars </rant>

          2. Griffo

            Telstra is your problem

            If you can avoid Telstra, you can get much cheaper broadband. I recently upgraded our office to 400/400 for about $500 a month. Unlimited.

          3. farvoyages

            re Telstra's the problem

            @ JJKing: it's worse than you think - my NZ gigabit connection is costing me NZ$113 per month for unlimited data, so about AU$105 per month … it still puzzles me why consumers in Australia aren't rioting in the streets and setting fire to Telstra cabinets

  2. rtb61

    Mocking Australians

    The obviously are trialling 10GPBs fibre just to piss off millions of Australians who will be stuck on 400/200=100 customer stuck on the POS that is hybrid fibre coax and they will be stuck on that shit for decades ps 400 maximum divide by 200 sharing and peak times means 2 not the 100 the lying POS are trying to sell and that corruption fully backed by an equally corrupt government. For those people whose properties are devalued by that shite, tough luck.

  3. LaeMing

    The article picture is great! I'm still chuckling at it.

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