back to article Murdoch will get EU green light for full Sky takeover – reports

Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox will gain EU clearance for its full takeover of Sky, according to sources who whispered to Reuters. The newswire reported that two people familiar with the matter told it that EU regulators will approve the £18.5bn takeover. Back in December shareholders agreed the takeover of the British pay …

  1. hplasm

    So ...

    Sky will soon look like the Sun...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: So ...

      And the son of the Sun.

    2. Mage

      Re: So ...

      It won't be any different as he has always effectively controlled it.

      I guess either it's ego he is taking it over completely, or expects to get more money. It's not about actual control.

      1. paulf

        Re: So ...

        @ Mage "I guess either it's ego he is taking it over completely, or expects to get more money. It's not about actual control."

        Not entirely. AIUI Sky, as a quoted company, pays tax on their profits before any payouts to shareholders, including 21CF. If Sky was a wholly owned subsidiary 21CF would have full access to the untaxed profits, with taxation happening further up the food chain at group level.

        I'm neither lawyer nor accountant but that's my understanding - so it's not just about control, it's also about the filthy shilling it generates.

    3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: So ...

      ...but much more expensive since they'll want a quick return on their investment.

  2. James 51

    So who was it said the EU wouldn't want to punish the UK for brexit?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "So who was it said the EU wouldn't want to punish the UK for brexit?"

      I was thinking exactly this. Can we expect more "stuff GB" verdicts from the regulators in the next two years?

  3. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    He'll never get there

    Looks like he's after the the universe, but the heavens already have a boss.

  4. omninet

    Presumably no-one at Ofcom will brave enough to fail Fox the "fit and proper" test.

    There is bravery and then there is losing your job.

  5. MJI Silver badge

    I do try

    To not give a single penny to the crook and his companies.

    But it is difficult.

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: I do try

      Have one of these as well as an upvote ->

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I do try

      Is it difficult though? Just don't buy any of his newspapers, don't subscribe to Sky or Hulu, and pirate all Fox shows and films.

      Anything else?

      1. Roland6 Silver badge

        Re: I do try

        >Anything else?


      2. MJI Silver badge

        Re: I do try

        Well due to forced adverts Fox DVDs are unpurchasable so Fox = torrent

        In fact it was Sky poaching stuff off Free to Air that lead me first to the world of torrents

  6. td0s

    I wonder if this was the reason for his newspapers supporting brexit - save a few quid on sky.

  7. Sir Sham Cad

    Unlikely to go against the EU antitrust regulator

    Well, they might be a bit more willing to give it a go now. Whilst we are still in the EU and subject to EU directives Ofcom is still able to make a contradictory ruling and as long as any legal stuff takes longer than two years they could chance it.

    God I hope so. Murdoch (all of them) can fuck off.

  8. J.Smith


    Is the monopoly and mergers commission still a thing? Or was that consolidated too.

    1. Kay Burley ate my hamster

      Re: Monoploy

      It's now the Competition and Markets Authority, Having changed names once in between.

  9. ecofeco Silver badge

    Expect the expected

    Prices up, service down.

  10. Andy 97

    Churn factor

    Sky's biggest weakness is customers cancel their contracts - especially during the break between football seasons.

    While Sky has all the box set and films, they still haven't made the breakthrough with normal television entertainment. A cursory glance on the overnight data shows that even E4 gets more viewers than Sky's 'flagship' Sky1 channel.

    1. PapaD

      Re: Churn factor

      Don't think Sky1 has been their flagship channel for the best part of a decade, not since the whole 'withdraw it from Virgin Media to make more money' affair.

      Pretty sure Sky Atlantic is now the channel they use to put out all of their top shows.

      1. Andy 97

        Re: Churn factor

        Sky 1 does make some linear television (in the style of a bad ITV franchisee from the 1980's).

        I take your point, but I'd hardly put Atlantic in the same bucket, Sky 1 is a mixed entertainment channel... although entertainment is a subjective term.

        1. Jay 2

          Re: Churn factor

          I'm now trying to figure out the last time I watched Sky 1. I'm sure I've probably watched ITV1 more!

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