back to article Reg lecture exposes the radicals intent on remaking your society

If you think the last couple of years have been tumultuous you ain't seen nothing yet – there's a tide of tech-enabled secretive and influential movements heading your way that could completely upend and reshape society. If they get their way. That's why on 23 May, Reg Lectures will be welcoming Jamie Bartlett – author of The …

  1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    "What is your point of view?

    Are you a hedonist, a relativist, a materialist?

    Are you devoted to Camus, to Marx, or to Einstein?

    What makes the most sense to you?

    Physics, yoga, LSD?


    -- The Jazz Butcher - 'My Desert'

    1. Tom Paine

      appropriate tributes

      A pint (appropriately) for the Jazz Butcher!

  2. Lord_Butt

    Access by the Colonies

    Please stream this...I'll be up to watch it.

  3. Candy
    Thumb Up

    He was a very engaging speaker last time around. So much so that we invited him to do a similar presentation at out company.

    Really wish I could get there for this one.

  4. Infernoz Bronze badge

    I'd say r/K Reproductive Psychology applied to politics is a rising contender

    The book "The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics" is fascinating to me, including the Genetic and Brain Structure parts!

    The alt-right, and the associated Red Pill, are from K-types who have realised that deceitful r-types have significantly corrupted politics, including Right, and using this to further corrupt the Sexual Revolution corrupted sexual arena. They are both seeking to expose deception and hypocrisy, suggest how to subvert and fight the corruption, and both reveal the relevant damage caused by insidious r-type (Left) propaganda, including the aggressive cancer of r-type Cultural Marxism, which is slowly and insidiously destroying developed/developing countries, including the UK! I goes without saying that the more extreme r-types (especially the faux elite and SJW useful-idiots) hate this rising opposition, and this is where the 'fake-news' and 'Popularism' smear memes came from.

    The links obtained from ZeroHedge (alt-news) commentary on the Trump presidency are what led me to alt-right and Red Pill sites, and notice the subtle influence in some other topic alt sites, and eventually to the above book.

    Liberationism apparently only really works in sparsely populated areas with K-type people, like the USA Wild West, but some ideas for de-centralism, lean government and honest finance have wider practical application.

    Technology is more likely to be harmful if it is based on r-type ideas, and is harmful if it enables exploitation.

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