back to article Researchers sink scalpel into Lazarus crew. Yup. Autopsy shows distinct hacker tradecraft

The hacking group blamed for the infamous $81m cyber-heist against the Central Bank of Bangladesh last year has been targeting a far wider range of organisations than previously thought. The so-called Lazarus cyber-espionage and sabotage crew has also been busy attacking casinos, software developers for investment companies …

  1. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    Interesting choice of targets

    Is it related to different security standards, different investigatory power, or what?

    Also Norks, yeah right, sure, if you say so, it's not like crooks could redirect multiple times, or anyone has an axe to grind... what difference does it make anyway? I don't see anyone nuking Nigeria from orbit over 419 scams.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Forensic analysis of malicious tools

    "During the forensic analysis of artefacts left by the group in South-East Asian and European banks, Kaspersky Lab has reached a deep understanding of what malicious tools the group uses"

    I don't see any actual technical details in that 'report' .. hacking crew used malware to infiltrate bank. Oh wait they do manage to give a mention to Apache and Java. There the solution is obvious, ban 'open-source' Apache and Java from your servers and move to the industry standard Microsoft Windows.

    My understanding of the Bangladesh SWIFT hack was, someone sent them malware in a malicious email attackment, that changed two bytes in a running process and prevented an Oracle database from printing out the transactions.

  3. MondoMan

    Meeting location

    "during a session during its Security Analyst Summit in St. Maarten, West Indies "

    Is this just so it doesn't have to be held in Russia, or do all the cybersecurity conferences happen in luxurious vacation spots (or maybe nice offshore banking havens?).

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Meeting location

      Gotta keep the BOFHs happy...

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