back to article Google opens patent pool for Android

Samsung, LG and Foxconn are among the founding members of a patent pool for Android phone makers under Google's benevolent eye. Google hopes the "community-driven clearinghouse" for IP sharing will fend off patent trolls. Google already operates a non-aggression alliance for Android phone makers called License on Transfer, …

  1. Daggerchild Silver badge

    Okay, I'll bite.. *sigh*

    "Testimony in the Skyhook Wireless vs Google case revealed that Google halted Motorola's production lines – affecting over 40 models – until Moto removed its preferred location service from Android and used Google's instead"
    Wasn't that because it was submitting not-GPS Skyhook data to Google as GPS data, buggering up Google's GPS data backend?

    To the layman, what's the difference? But to the librarian, it's attempted murder.

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