back to article Cloudera finally confirms IPO

After playing coy for the past two weeks, Cloudera has finally gone public with its plans to go public, filing the relevant IPO forms with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The company is looking to raise $200m and the S-1 filing gives some insight into the big data company – mostly that it is losing a lot of money, …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    On the upside it is a niche player.

    While all it's major competitors seem to want you to sell you a whole package and way to look at the world.

    IOW you wo with them you go with the Amazon/Google//Microsoft world view and you're pretty much stuck with it.

    For many people that will be fine.

    For some a more independent view will be preferred.

  2. VLSI

    About time for Cloudera, after Hortonworks IPO'ed relatively early, probably being forced by investors.

    There is room for two players in Hadoop, but maybe not these two if Databricks keeps growing? Does el reg have an opinion on Databricks?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    People are still into this Hadoop stuff, huh? Even Google and Yahoo, who created it, don't use it anymore.

    1. VLSI

      Well, there are many parts to Hadoop, but Google offers the main one as a service and I don't think Yahoo will stop using Pig, Tez, etc.. anytime soon.

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