back to article Virgin Media suspends 4 staff over misreporting connections

Virgin Media has admitted to overstating its £3bn Project Lightning superfast broadband rollout by 142,000 premises – a move that has led to the suspension of four staff and a reshuffle of its top brass. Parent company Liberty Global embarrassingly had to revise down the reported number of premises added to Virgin Media's …

  1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    I'd be surprised...

    If internally they didn't have some fairly "fluid" definitions of what consitutes CAPEX vs OPEX.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: I'd be surprised...

      Given the problem was the overstatement of numbers for 4Q2016, I suspect the "fluid" definition was more bonus target related.

    2. Alistair

      Re: I'd be surprised...

      @ Aritstotle's pony.

      I've not seen a corporate yet that didn't have fluid definitions of CAPEX and OPEX. and for that matter TAX.

  2. BasicJ

    Their consumer provision is terrible too, utilisation issues in many areas, constant TV issues, poor customer service, poor internal systems and procedures, pressured staff and misinformation

    1. Ben Rose

      Indeed, at peak times I currently get around 10meg on a 200meg connection. It's pretty much unusable and watching streaming services like iPlayer is impossible.

      Reported at the end of last year, I was told it would be fixed by the end of March. Now I'm told end of September. It actually turns out 70meg ADSL is faster than 200meg Virgin fibre.

      1. David 132 Silver badge

        Ben Rose It actually turns out 70meg ADSL is faster than 200meg Virgin fibre.

        Ben, did you mis-type, or is there really such a thing as 70Mbit ADSL? I was under the impression that ADSL maxes out at 25Mbit/s, and the briefest of glances at wikipedia seems to agree. I is confused... and probably very out of date...

        1. goldcd

          You can get 76M through your phone line (BT Infinity et-al)

          Just it's not going to an exchange, but a green box you probably walk by on the pavement near your house - and that box is back-hauled by fibre.

        2. Rinse

          They probably mean VDSL

  3. tedleaf

    What,ntl/virgin lie,never !!

    1. Fizzle

      Well...hardly ever!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe they used IPv6 to report their numbers...

    ... and found that their network didn't support it, so it added it up wrong.

  5. adam payne

    "However, it is more important symbolically as it suggests some inadequate controls on what is a major capex project for the company. In addition, the reduction in quoted penetration rates begs the question as to whether other Virgin Media KPIs have been calculated in a way that presents the company in a better light."

    I thought all KPIs were presented in a way that makes it look better than it is.

  6. Nezumi

    My experience with Virgin Media has been reasonable

    I've used their cable internet for years in 2 separate towns. I've always obtained the advertised speed both down and up at any time.

    I've recently switched to Virgin Business so I can have a static IP. This is £5.00 PCM more than residential with *apparently* better SLA's, i.e they actually have some. I can also add at least one additional sequential IP for £5.00 per address PCM.

    Maybe I've been lucky...

    1. wyatt

      Re: My experience with Virgin Media has been reasonable

      How're you finding the business service? I'm considering changing but have heard bad things about their business hub and static IPs. All I need is a modem but no one within VM can confirm if you can just have a modem (not a hub in modem mode..).

      1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

        Re: My experience with Virgin Media has been reasonable

        If you really want something stable and under your control - don't use any ISP-supplied router / wifi point.

        Get something half-decent that supports an open firmware such as DD-WRT or Tomato (say Linksys WRT1900ACS or similar, maybe also a switch or fancier device to do both) and spend an hour or so reading up on it, installing and configuring it.

        Don't forget to set up a separate IP range for "guest WiFi" so your visitors and any dodgy devices (like most Android phones...) are not on any moderately trusted internal LAN's range (also you can bandwidth limit that so they don't throttle your business use). You can also set up a VPN on such a router if you value your privacy, but depending on your usage it might be better to keep the VPN option for mobile devices and/or any machines you use for sensitive data and don't need top-speed or the fixed IP address.

        1. Rinse

          Re: My experience with Virgin Media has been reasonable

          You're answering a different question. The person you replied to wants a modem and not a router in modem-mode.

          The trouble is that even if one were to buy a 3rd party DOCSIS 3.0 modem I believe Virgin MAC filter so it would be unable to connect to their network.

          The likelihood is that they will have to use Virgin's router in modem-mode with whatever router they are buying, probably something of commercial grade, rather than some domestic kit with a flashed firmware.

          1. wyatt

            Re: My experience with Virgin Media has been reasonable

            Exactly this.. VM (whoever they've brought out) use to provide modems, rather than hubs. As I have a business grade router/switch/wlan I don't need the functionality that theirs comes with.

            VM do indeed lock out other devices from working on their network.

    2. goldcd

      Re: My experience with Virgin Media has been reasonable

      I must have been lucky as well.

      I don't "like" Virgin as that's a very unfashionable thing to do.

      BUT - well I'm stuck with them.

      Stuck with them in the sense that I moved into my house that has a great big wire coming in from a telegraph post, that is connected to a socket with a BT logo on it, and BT point-blank refused to accept I had a BT connection (although they were willing to charge me for installation).

      Virgin/Liberty have been perfectly fine to me over the last decade. Of note, when I have had problems and furiously dialled their offshore support, they were lovely both times and resolved my issue (even the time it was my own fault due to shonky router config).

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Should Virgin be talking up penetration rates?

    Just seems to be some odd wording to my unwashed ears.

    Ok, ok, I'm leaving already. Don't push me...

  8. Duffaboy

    Virgin Overstating things ?

    Surely not .....

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only one person to blame here....

    and that will be whoever in the management tier decided there would be a target for the number of premises connected.

    As stated by someone (I forget who), any target within an organisation will create perverse habits to reach that target.

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