Is WileyFox finally WileyF*cked?

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  1. Calum Morrison

    Is WileyFox finally WileyF*cked?

    I've bought a few WF devices for me, Mrs Me and for users at work, registering each for their warranty on their site with a personal and a work account. After buying a couple more for new starts last week, I went to register them (that screen warranty is useful...) and found my password wasn't recognised.

    Hit the password reset and waited...

    No new password. Hmm. Did I definitely use this address? Let's try creating an account with it... New account created with existing email. No devices registered - there should be 6. Bollocks.

    Has someone hacked my account and deleted it? Let's try a password reset on the personal one. No new password...

    Looks to me that they've got one ether a massive issue where duplicate accounts can be created with existing email addresses, or multiple accounts have been hacked or they've deleted all of their f*cking users' accounts. Occam's razor makes me think the latter, though their chat support promises to look into it; in the meantime, I've bought my last WileyFox.

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