back to article If you were cuffed during Trump's inauguration, cops are trying to crack your smartphone

The inauguration of President Donald Trump in the US capital was marked by protests, with cops collaring more than 200 people on the day. Now court documents reveal the US government's efforts to crack the arrestees' locked phones and slurp their contents. The filings [PDF] – submitted to the Washington DC Superior Court – …

  1. Matt 4

    yeah, that's it. Fuck the register.

    1. redpawn

      Sorry I don't get it. Do you mean you are in favor of mass trials in the US or data slurping of all who have been arrested?

      1. Solarflare

        Obviously he was watching some 'niche adult content' and mistook this tab as the comment section for that video.

    2. JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)


      This isn't fake news, buddy. These are court documents.

      Court documents. That's what real journalists do. Look at real facts like things that have actually happened and then report on them.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        ...gave Alt-Reich campaigner Richard Spencer a sore jaw...

        Alt-Reich? Inventing a term to display author bias?

      2. BillG

        Felony Rioting

        These self-described anarchists were charged with felony rioting. They broke windows, vandalized an ambulance, attacked police, tried to break into a bank. They set fire to a limousine. Some were charged with assaulting police officers.

        They threw rocks and bricks at police, buildings, bystanders. Some bystanders ended up in the hospital. There was over $100,000 in damage. The average age of the protesters were 27 years old. On arrest, many already had expensive lawyers ready to come to their aid.

        This was in DC on inauguration day. This is not a day to mess with police!

        These were not peaceful protesters. These were people whose sole intention was violence. By law, you lose certain rights when arrested, especially if your intention was violence, violence, and more violence.

        This organization is highly organized and this was not their first riot. The police have the right to uncover how they are organized so they can keep innocent people safe by preventing similar riots from these same people.

        1. redpawn

          Re: Felony Rioting

          Glad you were there so you know just what happened. Otherwise it sounds like you have been watching Fox spin-news and have decided all those swept up are guilty based on their "analysis".

          1. BillG

            Re: Felony Rioting

            @redpawn: See the below link:

            NBC News: More Than 100 Inauguration Day Protesters Indicted on Rioting Charges

            Take a look at the video. "Protesters were armed with bricks and hammers...several police officers were attacked."

    3. yossarianuk

      Poor nazi snowflake


    4. leexgx

      if they all had iphones (recant ones) and did not fess up the finger for more then 24 hours phone becomes pin locked only

      but really if your Rioting they get what they deserve

      in the UK once the first building was set on fire the Army should of come in and shot them with plastic bullets, Zip tied them up and in back of a van, taking 3 days to round up enough police officers was very poor

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        "in the UK once the first building was set on fire the Army should of come in and shot them with plastic bullets, Zip tied them up and in back of a van, taking 3 days to round up enough police officers was very poor"

        Yeah, like that tactic worked a treat in Belfast and Derry in the early '70s, showed them who was boss and put them right back in their place

  2. elDog

    It won't be long before they can do a brain scan while you're riding in the paddy wagon

    The hell with cell phones when your brain cells can spill their juicy thoughts.

    Bill O'rights be damned. Unreasonable search and seizure, privacy, equal protection. Constitution. Flimsy pieces of paper.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It won't be long before they can do a brain scan while you're riding in the paddy wagon

      Constitution. Flimsy pieces of paper.

      And the last clause on the US constitution is a new one:

      Now wash your hands

  3. dm_dv


    The Darker Side of Linux!

    vde_switch -tap tap0 -daemon

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't count on it.

    "Passcodes, however, are considered intellectual property of a kind and are therefore covered by the Fifth Amendment's protection."

    Check out this case.

  5. dm_dv

    De oppresso liber

    "To Free the Oppressed"

    For far too long, power has been concentrated in the hands of "root" and this "wheel" oligarchy.

    They have attempted at instituting a dictatorship of the users through Digital Rights abuses.

    All system administration functions will be handled by the People's Committee for Democratically Organizing the System (PC-DOS).

    No longer will it be permissible for files and processes to be "owned" by users, thereby overflowing and "owning" it's users. All files and processes will own themselves, and decided how (or whether) to respond to requests from users.

    The X Window System will henceforth be known as the NC-17 Window System.

    And finally, UNIX itself will be renamed "PC" - for Pro-creatively Challenged.

    UNIX(tm) is a trademark of UNIX System Laboratories. Any similarity of names or attitudes to that of any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    Re: Don't count on it...

    The argument is not just about Cryptography and passwords, the argument is about "Code Purity" and Computer "Security" as people call it, when you understand that, then you understand the C Language and understand it can be weaponed as a virus ie: "Pthreads!"

  6. mics39

    Fuck yeah!!

    . . . rejoiced all the Trumpy supporters.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Fuck yeah!!

      Until it turns out that one of the protesters had their name/email in their contact lists, or had contacted someone who had a contact with that "trump supporter" - so his name also goes on the list....

    2. VanguardG

      Re: Fuck yeah!!

      Uh, no...they didn't.

  7. bombastic bob Silver badge
    Big Brother

    where's the George Soros connection?

    waiting for proof that George Soros paid them to riot...

    (could it be on their phones?)

    1. Hollerithevo

      Re: where's the George Soros connection?

      That is the weirdest comments I have read in a long time. Do you think Soros, or the Evil Overlord some people think of him, would pay for this pissant riot'?

  8. mc nobby

    erase option?

    If you were one of these people who were detained. And you don't want the cops snooping through your phone. Can you just use the 'remote wipe my phone' feature that apple and google have?

    or am I missing something?

    1. imanidiot Silver badge

      Re: erase option?

      Cops nowadays have specially shielded bags to put evidence phones into, to prevent remote access and wiping. Then the search/download is usually done inside a protective faraday cage room/case/bag to prevent the phone from receiving external wipe commands.

      And how are you going to send the wipe command stripped of all your possessions and clothes, stuck in an unelasticated tyvex coverall and thrown into a holding cell?

    2. SotarrTheWizard

      Re: erase option?

      . . . or just use a burner phone ??? If you're going to go where your phone is likely to get hacked, legally or not, you get a burner with minimal information on it.

      Anyone who's ever been to DEFCON or Black Hat knows that, otherwise you're likely to end up on the Wall of Sheep . . . .

      1. VanguardG

        Re: erase option?

        That's the great mystery...with "pay as you go" phones so easily acquired, why would anyone take their own phone with them? That was the weak point, as far as I'm concerned, with their much-hyped need to "break" the phones of people who died in murder sprees..."there might be evidence". Hello...if there was any, that phone was sent to the accomplice, and the criminal took a pay-go phone just to distract the cops, since having NO phone would make them suspicious.

    3. leexgx

      Re: erase option?

      if its a iphone turning the phone off is normal enough nowadays or don't give your finger for 24 or is it 48 hours then you have to use code

      if its android you can encrypt the phone as well its best make sure you turn off the phone (if about to be arrested power off phone or restart or keep thinger on power button after 10 seconds the phone will power off or reboot) so they can't just break into the phone when its at the lock screen as quite easy to bypass screen lock on android when you got 3-6 letters in your name (if it's encrypted they need the code when the phone is booting up) neat trick is setting your phone to auto shutdown at set times (like 2am) so to prevent them from been able to accessing the data (unless they do it the moment they get there hands on the phone but i doubt they are that efficient

      if you're under 18 you should teach your kids to never unlock your phone to police or school request unless you have a lawyer present as some of them are just out to catch you out on a technicality just for the sake of it (USA has some poor laws where between 15-18 where you're treated as a adult but not a adult at the same time, you can get yourself in trouble by having pictures of yourself on your own phone)

  9. Mark Simon
    Big Brother

    All this for protesting?

    Did they all look like Muslims or Democrats?

    How does it end? With a bullet in the back of the head?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Somewhere, in their coffins

    ...dead fascists are green with envy!

    "If ve had had zutch powers, ve vood hav von!"

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The US government is also planning to conduct the trials en masse to save time

    Rather like Nuremburg, but reversed.

  12. Winkypop Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Change to the Preamble to the United States Constitution

    We the accused...

  13. MJI Silver badge

    Police state?

    Lot of effort being invested here.

    Seems worrying.

  14. creepy gecko
    Thumb Down

    Trials en masse ??

    "The US government is also planning to conduct the trials en masse to save time."

    That hardly seems a fair and just way to treat the defendants. Is it an abuse of judicial process?

  15. JaitcH

    Never Heard of SERVAL or MESH Radio?

    Silly people. They should have pulled their SIMs and switched to MESH radio. Beats Plods and Cops every time. The App in Googles App Store is called SERVAL.

    It would have helped to have a few SERVAL base stations to ensure better coverage.

    1. dm_dv

      Re: Never Heard of SERVAL or MESH Radio?

      Yeah, I've heard about Serval Mesh and others like Bluetooth Chat, those are Open Source app's if I am not mistaken available from F-Droid and the guardian project too bad you have to pwn the phone with Linux first if you want to remove things like Java & Search and GAPP's and use real Linux on it with the BSD hardened "malloc" array.

      Another worthwhile application is CHIPSEC! It allows you to flash information into the Microcode on microchip's, you can insert what-ever you like, including your own backdoor.c!

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