back to article Japan mulls semi-nationalising Tosh (memory biz) – report

The Japanese government is considering providing state-backed aid to Toshiba’s memory business, amounting to near partial nationalisation, to prevent it falling into Chinese or South Korean hands, according to a report. The article in Nikkei Asian Review goes on to say that the Development Bank of Japan is considering a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Separately, Toshiba is considering selling its disastrous US nuclear power plant operation. "

    They'll need to find somebody even dumber than they were when the bought Westinghouse. Selling that may have been the only good thing Gordon Brown ever did.

    1. Alan Brown Silver badge

      Unfortunately, no matter how you paint it, if we're to avoid a looming planetary ecological disaster then vastly increased nuclear power generation investment is the the order of the day.

      It can only be delayed for so long.

  2. Youngone

    Ha ha!

    I commented in the previous Toshiba story that the Japanese should just pump a bunch of money in, as this seems to be what capitalist governments do when "Too big to fail" businesses get into trouble.

    I wonder if the cheaper option might be to bankrupt the whole thing, buy it up for a dollar (or yen in this case) then put in some competent management.

  3. Gigabob

    Wasn't there an earlier article suggesting no support from Japan Inc


    The industry betting was that Japan Inc would not allow its Toshiba Jewel to fall into enemy hands just when the flash market was at a peak and Toshiba Inc made a bad bet on Nukes. But now we have an article saying Japan Inc is going to support nationalizing Toshiba. My head is aching, you are starting to sound like Trump.

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